Erik Wrote a Book

by Jane Miller

Erik wrote a book.

This is not a surprise. He’s written a number of books.

A nonfiction book about adult attachment disorder. A story about a couple who meet on the ferry. A mystery. And now he has rewritten a book he wrote under the pen name “Jessica Love.”

Writing anything and showing it to the world takes courage, perseverance, determination, and not a little chutzpah. Erik has taken these a step further and added self-awareness, pride, and honesty to the list.

The first “Jessica” book was good. A well-written whodunit with amazing sex scenes. But he was honest with himself and realized he could do better. There was a slightly different story that needed to be told and he was ready to bring it to life.

His chutzpah put his book in front of a well-respected, widely known editor in Los Angeles. “You have to decide,” she told him, “whether you want a sexy ‘mommy porn,’ or a mystery.” Erik knew this but her words carried weight and validation. He was straddling genres and doing neither justice.

So the “whodunit” became not just a “whodunit,” but a “why was it done and who was involved.” The story is richer, the characters fleshed out, the mystery better crafted, and the writing fantastic.

His talent to bring these characters to life is awe inspiring. I have never had the voices and souls of characters clamoring inside my brain, just waiting for me to listen to my muse and set them free. Erik has.

This gift of his has demanded a lot of hard work over the course of many months, over coffee as we work together. Papers floating back and forth between us, red-marked-up copies trading places with pristine pages like feathers on the wind. Erik had the story in his head and heart, and had the talent, guts, and discipline to finish it.

I encourage everyone to read it!

Indecent Exposure: A Jessica Love Novel, by Erik Dolson, is now available on Amazon. HERE

3 thoughts on “Erik Wrote a Book”

    1. Holly, the first “Jessica” book was published by a small publishing house in Seattle that I discovered through picking up books in small indy bookstrores in northwest Washington. They were enthusastic about the manuscript and we signed a contract.

      As the year unfolded, it became clear that Jessica was outside their normal portfolio and we had different expectations as to who was responsible for marketing, promotion, etc. and other tasks necessary to get a book into the hands of readers, and the level of communication and transparency required.

      That contract was cancelled a year after it was signed. I had formed my own publishing company, Gnome de Plume LLC, more than ten years ago after I was no longer publsihing the weekly paper in my home town. That company now owns the rights to both Exposed and Indecent Exposure.

      Amazon’s marketing tools (they own Goodreads and other promotion sites) will hopefully result in tailoring presentations for readers who will enjoy this book and share enthusaism with friends.

  1. Thank you, Sweetheart. And thank you for all the reading, editing, getting rid of the “gots” and the “verys.” It’s a much better read because of your help and advice.

    I should have thanked you by name on the “Thank you” page, but given the subject matter, I didn’t want to implicate you in the crimes. Also given the existence of the first book, and as a man trying to write from the point of view of a woman, assuming I pulled it off as a writer, the thank you had to be somewhat generic.

    Still, your enthusiasm for the first Jessica book, and your tremendous effort on this one, made this accomplishement possible. It would not have happened without you. XO

    ~ E.

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