Just An Update

by Jane Miller

We’re back in Sisters, judging by the blizzard blowing outside the picture window by my desk.

I had two important appointments this week in the ongoing war to stop my body’s attempts to destroy my remaining (left) eye. Tuesday I had an MRI with contrast of my brain. Good news – no sign of multiple sclerosis, which means that I am physically able to start on Humira for my left eye.

The appointment with Dr. Lin was not so good. The regular exam and tests were followed by an injection into the back of my left eye to try to decrease the inflammation and fluid. After only three weeks since my previous appointment, both were worse, as was my eye pressure.

I wasn’t really expecting change, and bad change was disheartening. So is the fact that this condition is so rare that no prognosis can be made.

The research indicates that through “prompt” “emergency treatment,” or “immediate, aggressive treatment” or “early intervention” the “complete loss of vision may be avoided” (or another source – there is a “reasonable chance of useful vision”).

A wee bit disheartening. As is the fact that my insurance company immediately denied coverage for the Humira. This is not the first time it’s happened to patients in my situation, though, and Dr. Lin has a process they follow.

I am still strong, but I am tired. I try to think the best, keep the faith, and not be afraid. Most times I’m relatively successful, but sometimes it catches up with me

Thank you to all my friends and family who continue to send positive thoughts and love. Bear with me! It has to turn the corner sometime soon! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Just An Update”

  1. Oh Jane. Glad for the good news… scary sounding bad news. Irritated that insurance was denied – but glad your doctor has a plan. What a mix!

    Good thoughts to you! Hope to see you soon again!


  2. You’ve got this Jane. I can’t begin to imagine what you face daily. Once the insurance company knows who their dealing with, they will bend!

  3. This week has certainly knocked you back, Janie. But I know you’ll be drawing on that amazing well of strength to to keep fighting back. I’m sure glad that you’ve got Dr Lin and the other specialists in your corner.


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